Renaud Ansart

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Fluid-particle flows



My research activities focus on particle gas flows, particularly fluidized beds, used in industrial processes for energy conversion. In order to optimize and design these processes, my experimental and numerical approach is from lab scale to industrial scale

Concentrated solar power with particle receiver (European Projets CSP2 and Next CSP)

Inter-Particle short and medium-range Action Forces in fluidized bed reactor: experimental and numerical coupled analysis (ANR IPAF)

Developpment of Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT) in fluidized bed

Development and application of Euler-Euler approaches (NEPTUNE_CFD code) for particle-laden flows in dilute and dense regime

Modeling and 3D simulation of reacting fluidized beds at industrial scales (such as solar receiver, coal combustion chamber, polymerization reactor, Fluid Catalytic Cracking risers, ….).

Head of  Multiphase flow theme of Fédération de recherche FERMAT


Application & Teaching

Research supervision

7 PhD students:

  • Youssef Badran (2019-…) Measurement and modeling of inter-particle forces in a fluidized bed at high temperatures and high pressures.
  • Carlos Montilla (2017-…) Inter-particle short and medium-range action Forces in fluidized bed reactor: experimental and numerical coupled analysis.

  • Florian Sabatier (2016-…)  Modeling and simulation of solar receiver with upflow bubbling fluidized bed.

  • Youssef Nasro Allah (2016-2019) Experimental and numerical investigation of electrostatic effects in heterogeneous media.

  • Hadrien Benoit (2012-2015) Solar receiver with dense particle suspension.

  • Benjamin Boissière (2011-2015) Hydrodynamic and thermal study of a new concept of solar receiver with suspensions dense gas-particles.

  • Antoine Aubin (2011-2014) Optimization of drying operations in the PVC powder production line: experimentation, simulation and modeling.

14 Master Students

Teaching activities

  • Fluid mechanics, transport phenomena, CFD,  scientific computing
  • Assistant Head of Chemical Engineering Department ENSIACET Toulouse INP
  • Head of 3rd year : Fluid, Energy and Processes ENSIACET/ENSEEIHT Toulouse INP


Olivier Simonin (IMFT, Toulouse) – Gilles Flamant (PROMES, Font Romeu) – Jan Baeyens (BUCT, China) – Pablo Garcia Trinanes (University of Greenwich, England) – Jonathan Seville (University of Birmingam, England) – Jamal Chaouki (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada) – Rodney Fox (Iowa  State University, USA)

Education and Degrees

Habilitation thesis (HDR)

Associate Professor at the Laboratory of Chemical Engineering of Toulouse France (LGC).

Department of Innovative Polyphase Reactor Engineering

Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Institut of Fluid Mechanics of Toulouse (IMFT).

Group Particles, Spray and Combustion

Numerical simulation of reactive polydisperse flows.

Supervisor O. Simonin.

PhD in Fluid Dynamics,  Center RAPSODEE Albi, Toulouse INP –

Dust emission by powder handling : Interaction between air and particles motion.

Directors: A. de Ryck et J.A. Dodds

DEA of Fluid Dynamics SUPAERO



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