Clémence Coetsier

Assistant professor

+335 61 55 62 41



Bioinspired membranes

Biofouling control: Development of new membrane materials via surface modification and evaluation of the impact on adhesion/non-adhesion of biomolecules – BIOCOM.


Membranes processes characterization at local and macroscopic scale

Micropollutants removal using coupled processes: Study of pharmaceuticals removal and flux behaviors when coupling membrane and electrochemical processes; Optimization of operating conditions considering the coupling of processes to enhance treatment performances (high productivity and complete degradation)


Lan & al., 2018 Water Research Trellu & al., 2018 Water Research

Application & Teaching

Research interest: Adhesion/non-adhesion of biomolecules on membrane materialsApplications : water treatment, tissue engineering,

Research supervision 

– PhD students: Yandi Lan (2015), Arthur Gaveau (2016), Lucia Benavente (2016), Pritam Das (2018),

– post-docs : Hugo Olvera-Vargas (2015-2016), Clément Trellu (2016-2017)

Teaching activities: Quality assurance and statistics; chromatography; surface analysis techniques, Bioprocesses,


– Marc Cretin, IEM

– Clément Trellu, Laboratoire Géomatériaux et Environnement (LGE)-

– Elisabeth Girbal-Neuhauser, LBAE

Education and Degrees

Master diploma: Nice Sophia-Antipolis University, Microbial ecology and biological interactions

Doctorate in Food and Process Engineering from Montpellier University (Study of the tertiary treatment and ecotoxicology of pharmaceuticals)

Associate Professor, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France. Teaching: Quality assurance, statistic, chemical engineering, membrane processes, analytical chemistry, Bioprocesses