Senior Researcher

+33534323709 Innovative Multiphase Reactor Engineering (IRPI) Reaction engineering, multiphase (catalytic) reactors



Chemical reaction engineering

  • kinetics of three phase reactions: selective hydrogenation, catalytic wet air oxidation, hydroformylation, carbonation;
  •  homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis.

Multiphase catalytic reactors

  •  design and dynamic modelling of three phase fixed bed reactors;
  •  comparison of up-flow and down-flow fixed bed reactors;
  •  analysis and modelling of catalyst partial wetting in trickle-bed reactors;
  •  design and modelling of three phase monolith reactors;
  •  acoustic cavitation in liquid-solid fluidized bed reactor.

Multiphase processes for homogeneous catalysis

  • biphasic and supported ionic liquid phase catalysis;
  • aqueous biphasic catalysis using core-shell polymers.

Non-conventional (hybrid) processes for the environment

  • sequential adsorption-advanced/catalytic oxidation process for water treatment;
  • coupling of heterogeneous Fenton-type reaction and membrane filtration;
  • activation of Fenton reaction by ultrasound and ultraviolet/visible irradiation;
  • regeneration of coked zeolite by ozonation;
  • ultrasonic pre-treatment of sludge;
  • enhanced mineral carbonation for CO2 sequestration.

Application & Teaching

Research interest: My research focuses on the characterization and modelling of multiphase (catalytic) reactors, on the investigation of biphasic catalysis systems, and on the development of non-conventional (hybrid) processes for the environment, in the areas of waste & water treatment and CO2 mitigation. 

Supervision & co-supervision of 22 PhD theses (5 in progress) & 3 post-doc researchers  

Stays as a visiting researcher: 2017: Visiting scientist (6 months) at IFPEN (Institut Français du Pétrole Energies Nouvelles), Process Design and Modeling Division, Solaize (France) 2001: Visiting scientist (4 months) at University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) in Pr. A. Bliek’s group 1998: Research mission (3 months) at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune (India) in Pr. R.V. Chaudhari’s group 

Teaching activities: Chemical (reaction) engineering; multiphase (catalytic) reactions & reactors; multiphysics simulation; multiphase homogeneous catalysis at ENSIACET, ENSAT, ENSEEIHT & Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse  

Collaborations: National: TOTAL, IFPEN, CEA, RHODIA (SOLVAY), VEOLIA, MAF RODA; LISBP, LCC, LCA & CIRIMAT Toulouse, C2P2 Lyon, ICBMS Lyon, BRGM Orléans, GEPEA Nantes, IPG Paris, UMPMC Paris, ITERG Bordeaux, COVACHIM-M2E Antilles Guyane International: NCL Pune (India), Chulalongkorn university (Thailand), São Paulo university (Brazil), CQF & INSTEC La Havane (Cuba), Laval university (Canada), USTO Oran (Algeria), URV Tarragona (Spain), Sofia university (Bulgaria), Imperial College of London (UK) 

Research programs: Projects funded by the Indo-French Center for the Promotion of Advanced Research: 1806-1 (1998-2001) and 3305-2 (2005-2009) on multiphase catalytic reactions & reactors Projects funded by the European Union: REMOVALS (6th FP STREP, 2006-2009) on water treatment Hubert Curien Partnerships: TASSILI (2011-2014) with Algeria, RILA (2013-2014) with Bulgaria Projects funded by the French National Agency (ANR): PHARE (PRECODD, 2005-2008, water treatment), CARMEX (CO2, 2009-2012, CO2 mitigation), BIPHASNANOCAT (“Blanc”, 2011-2014, biphasic catalysis), PANACEE (CD2I, 2011-2015, water treatment), HYDROMORE (CD2I, 2012-2016, multiphase catalytic reactors), SOFENcoMEM (JCJC, 2015-2019, water treatment) Project on CO2 mitigation funded by « CNRT Nickel and its environment » (New-Caledonia): CARBOSCORIES (2015-2016) Projects on water treatment funded by the Work Community of Pyrenees (2007-2009 and 2012-2013) and the French Single Interministerial Fund (FUI INNO’POM, 2012-2016)    

Education and Degrees

“Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches“ in Chemical Engineering, INP Toulouse (France) “Contributions to multiphase reaction engineering“

PhD in Chemical Engineering, Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse (France) “Up-flow catalytic fixed bed reactor: dynamic modelling, selectivity and comparative study with respect to the down-flow mode”

Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from ENSIACET (ex-ENSIGC), Toulouse (France)


  • 2001-present: CNRS Researcher at Laboratoire de Génie Chimique (UMR 5503), Toulouse (France)
  • 2000-2001: ATER at Ecole Normale Supérieure / PPSM (UMR 8531), Cachan (France)
  • 1999-2000: Teaching and research assistant (ATER) at ENSIGC / LGC, Toulouse (France)


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