Anne-Marie Billet



Innovative Multiphase Reactor Engineering (« IRPI »)
Reaction engineering, multiphase reactors : hydrodynamics, mass transfer and reaction



Investigation and enhancement of conventional multiphase reactors :

  • multiphase flows
  • bubble columns and bubble reactors which potentially include catalyst (fixed bed or slurry reactor)
  • coupling between hydrodynamics, interfacial mass transfer and chemical reaction.
  • Implementation of dedicated experimental methods for the local investigation of flow and mass transfer : specific sensors or high resolution optical techniques; context : LGC and FERMaT research federation (« Fluides Energie Réacteurs Matériaux et Transferts »,
  • Phenomenological models for flow and transfer (with or without reaction) in multiphase reactors


Monolith-type devices : catalytic reactors with in situ heat exchange, gas-liquid contactors

  • Assessment of new skills in the field of monolith devices : specific design of fluid distributor, dedicated fast sensor for fluid distribution characterisation, options with SLM technique to manufacture monolith blocks in metal.
  • Measurement/modelling of yield and selectivity for catalytic gas-liquid reactions in monolith apparatus.
  • Measurement/modelling of gas-liquid mass transfer for gas absorption purpose.

Application & Teaching

Research interest: Investigation and modelling of multiphase reactors as bubble columns or catalytic reactors; design of pilot-scale units; implementation of dedicated experimental methods as Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence with dye Inhibition (PLIF-I technique).

Applications: treatment of fossile and bio-sourced hydrocarbons (petrochemistry, food industry, synthesis of end-use products).

Research supervision and co-supervision of 9 PhD students (Wang BANG, Umar HAYAT, Arunabha KUNDU, Sammy Lewis KIAMBI, Hélène CHAUMAT, Zouhir AMOURA, Matthieu ROUDET, Freddy DURAN-MARTINEZ, Pierre ALBRAND) and 3 post-docs fellows (Emmanuella BOUCHE, Marouan NEMRI, Colin BUTLER).

Teaching activities: reaction engineering; Computational Fluid Dynamics; lab on pilot processes. Institutions: INP-ENSIACET, INP-ENSEEIHT and Université Paul Sabatier


  • national: TOTAL, Rhodia, Anjou-Recherche, Saint-Gobain, CEA, ITERG Bordeaux, IMFT, CIRIMAT, LCA, LISBP
  • international: Laval University, Saint Petersburg University, Technische Universität Hamburg (TUHH)

Research programs:

  • ANR project « HydroMoRe » (ANR-12-CDII-0011, 2012 ) : ‘Hydrogenation in Monolith reactor : a new technology for safe, sustainable and selective units’.
  • 3BCAr project « TOPACIS », 2018-2020 : ‘Technologie Optimale pour la Production d’Acides gras mono-insaturés CIS par hydrogénation partielle et sélective’.
  • 3BCAr project « HYAGRAM », 2019-2021 : ‘Réaction d’HYdrogénolyse pour la préparation d’Acides Gras Monohydroxylés’

Education and Degrees

Professor at LGC Toulouse

Professor Associate at LGC Toulouse

« Habilitation à Diriger les recherches » in Chemical Engineering, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (2005) : « Analyse des réacteurs à bulles : méthodologies et métrologies »

PhD in Chemical Engineering, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (1992) : « Promotion du mélange turbulent en réacteur tubulaire: jet tournant ou dirigé sur un diaphragme »

Master degree in Chemical Engineering



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