Welcome to Laboratory of Chemical Engineering

Our lab unit, is a National Center for Scientific Research (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique CNRS, of theInstitut National Polytechnique de Toulouse andUniversité Toulouse 3 – Paul Sabatier. It is home to 160 researchers, teacher-researchers, administrative staff, technicians and engineers, and around the same number of PhD students, post-docs and trainees at all levels. At the crossroads of science and technology, our research, conducted both experimentally and theoretically, disseminates the latest scientific advances at the heart of material and energy transformation processes..


Le LGC est certifié ISO 9001:2015 depuis janvier 2022 par LRQA et est membre du réseau 3BCar. 

Direction du LGC

Pascal FLOQUET, Director
Christine FRANCES, Deputy director
Pierre GROS, Deputy director

LGC direction staff

LGC's scientific objectives


Design, manage, optimize and extrapolate

at designing, operating, optimising and scaling-up innovative processes for the process industries

The scientific approach

integrates and associates aspects related to equipment technology, the final product, as well as the global process. Current and future industrial demands for complex multi-phase multi-component products, tight product specifications and sustainable conditions require the development of diverse and innovative processes. At the LGC, new approaches are explored to better integrate specific operations at multiple scales, ranging from the molecular or particulate scale to the scale of the entire global process.


Research based on thermodynamics, as well as physical, chemical, electrochemical and biochemical kinetics enrich recent advances in phenomenological modelling, computational fluid dynamics, process simulation and instrumentation.

Les objectifs scientifiques du LGC

Key Societal Challenges

The LGC pursues its overall objective of developing research which can contribute solutions to societal challenges


The LGC is organized into 6 scientific departments supported by research support services. The scientific departments are focused on chemical engineering research themes which have applications in different sectors and which also require common tools.


Le LGC possède 2 instances qui régulent la vie de l’unité de recherche et où sont représentés les personnels du laboratoire : le Conseil de laboratoire et le Conseil Scientifique.