IRPI : Les projets

AlSiCal – Towards a greener mineral and metal industry in Europe
Funding: European Union H2020
Parteners: Institutt For Energiteknikk (Norway) (coordinator), Nordic Mining (Norway), AdMiRIS (Greece), European Aluminium Association (Belgium), Herøya Industripark (Norway), Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain), Aalborg Universitet (Denmark), Mytilineos (Greece), NTUA (Greece), Association of Iberoamerican Geological and Mining Surveys (Spain), AVLabs (Israel), Elkem (Norway), University of Johannesburg-CIMERA (South Africa), PNO Consultants (Netherlands), Hellenic Survey of Geology and mineral Exploration (Greece)
PhD thesis : Thomas Néron (in Progress)
Contracted Engineer: Xuan Zhuo
Contacts: (LGC activities leader),,,

ANR MUSCATS MUlti-Scale modeling of fluidized/ebullated bed reaCtors involving Anisotropic parTicleS
Funding: French National Research Agency (ANR-19-CE05-0010-02)
Partenaire IMFT (coordinator)-LGC-IFPEN
PhD thesis : c’est le sujet que je t’ai envoyé. Recrutement à suivre
contact :

BIOMECALIX – A novel mechanically enhanced bioleaching process
2019 – 2022
Funding: French National Research Agency (CES 07 – PRC)
Partner: BRGM (Orléans)
Contacts: Contacts: (LGC/PSI; coordinator),, 

RIF – Innovative & Functional Coatings for Plastics: «Experimental Study and Simulation of a ZrO2 Deposition Process by DLI-MOCVD on Complex Substrates»
2019 – 2022
Funding: Single Interministry Fund (FUI)
Partners: IREIS, LIFCO Industrie, CTI de la Plasturgie et des Composites, CG tec Injection, Radiall SA, Hyperion Laser, ERCE Médical, ECP- Entegris, ANNEALSYS, Grenoble INP, École Centrale Lyon


BWD – BeesWax Decontamination process
2019 – 2022
Funding: Occitanie Region & European Union FEDER
Partner: LAPLACE, Société REMUAUX
Post-doc: Hicham Zeghioud
Contacts: (coordinator), (LGC/STPI)


HYAGRAM – Hydrogenolysis reaction for the preparation of monohydroxy fatty acids
2019 – 2022
Funding: 3BCAR Carnot Institute
Partner: ITERG (Bordeaux)


CARBOVAL – Product valuation and Life Cycle Analysis of integrated mineralization – Application to Ni slag of New Caledonia
2019 – 2021
Funding: French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME)
Partners: CNRT (Nouvelle-Calédonie), LMDC (Toulouse), BRGM (Orléans), IFSTTAR (Nantes), IRSTV (Nantes) 
Post-doc: Adrien Dufourny
Contacts : (coordinator),, (LGC/PSI)

HEALTHYGLASS – Efficient and sustainable glass surfaces for pharmacy
2018 – 2022
Funding: French National Research Agency (ANR-17-CE08-0056)
Partners: CEMHTI (Orléans), CIRIMAT (Toulouse), SGD S.A
PhD thesis: Konstantina Topka (in Progress)
Contacts :,

TOPACIS – Optimal Technology for the Production of cis Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acids by Partial (Selective) Hydrogenation
2018 – 2020
Funding: 3BCAR Carnot Institute
Partners: LCA (Toulouse), ITERG (Bordeaux)
PhD thesis: Konstantina Topka (in Progress)

ETV4INNOVATION – Development of an online resource to train enterprises with the final objective to foster them into Environmental Technology Verification
2018 – 2020
Funding: European Union (ERASMUS+ program)

CARBOSCORIES 2 – Development of a bench-scale continuous attrition-leaching pilot process; valorisation of mineralisation products in the construction sector
2018 – 2019
Funding: Caledonian Energy Agency (project No. CS17-3160-00)
Partners: LMDC (Toulouse), BRGM (Orléans), CNRT (Nouvelle-Calédonie)
Contact: (coordinator),, (LGC/PSI)

BIOSYP – Biomethanation of syngas from pyrogazeification: coupling of processes
2017 – 2020
Funding: French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME)
Partners: TERRAWATT, RAPSODEE (Albi), TBI (Toulouse), SOLAGRO

Study of the oCVD process for the deposit of thin layers of conducting polymers analysis
2017 – 2020
Partners: Cirimat (Toulouse)
PhD thesis : Milad Mirabedin (in Progress)
Contacts :,  

IPAF – Inter-Particle short and medium-range Action Forces in fluidized bed reactor: experimental and numerical coupled analysis
2016 – 2020
Funding: French National Research Agency (ANR-16-CE06-0008) – JCJC
Partners: IMFT
PhD thesis : Carlos Montilla Estrella (in Progress)
Contact : (coordinator)

Next-CSP – Improvement of reliability & performance of Concentrated Solar Power plants through a new technology based on the use of high temperature particles as heat transfer fluid and storage medium
2016 – 2020
Funding: European Union (Grant Agreement 727762)
Parters: IMDEA Energía (Spain), KU Leuven (Belgium), Comessa, EPPT, EDF, SBP, Euronovia, Whittaker
PhD thesis : Florian Sabatier (in Progress)

ALD-Interface – Simulation of an ALD process for deposition of nanometric alumina layers
2016 – 2019
Funding: Toulouse Tech Inter Labs
Partners: CIRIMAT (Toulouse), NTUA (Greece), LAAS (Toulouse)
PhD thesis : Giorgos Gakis (in Progress) (PhD grant from NTUA)

BIREM – Biological, Reactive, Multiphase Flows
2015 – 2019
CHAIRE d’attractivité IDEX
Partners: Pr. Rodney O. Fox (IOWA State University), LGC, IMFT, TBI, IMT (Toulouse)
PhD thesis: Youssef Nasro Allah (in Progress)
Contact coordinateur :

SOFENcoMEM – Hybrid process for continuous wastewater treatment: coupling of heterogeneous Sono-Photo-Fenton reaction with membrane filtration
2015 – 2019
Funding: French National Research Agency (ANR-14-CE04-0006)
PhD thesis : Sandyanto Adityosulindro (2017) (PhD grant from Indonesian Government)
Post-docs: Yandi Lan (2017), Antonin Azaïs (2018)
Contacts : (coordinator),, (LGC/GIMD)