Process and System Engineering - PSI

This department is undoubtedly the last link to approach complete control of the chemical supply chain. It brings together activities focused on the development of systematic procedures for the design and operation of processes and production systems, which generally involve advanced digital strategies. The work takes into account a whole set of criteria, sometimes contradictory, such as cost minimization, respect for the environment, absolute process safety and others. By integrating human and social constraints, our scope expands to include industrial engineering.

PSI in short…


Process and systems engineering, modeling, simulation, innovative eco-design, multi-objective optimization, management and control of industrial systems

Head of Department
Stéphane Négny

Overall objectives of the PSI department

Thanks to an approach centered on modeling, the PSI department aims to design interconnected equipment in a production unit. Its activity scans all the spatio-temporal scales from the molecule to the extended enterprise, including decision-making thanks to the concept of industrial engineering, the design of intensified equipment or even the integrated product-process design with molecular simulation.

Turned to a better understanding of the logistics chain by the development of generic modeling, simulation, multi-objective optimization and decision support tools, the department systematically explores theoretical problems closely related to experimental validation.

Four research topics


Industrial and academic references

Academic: IFPEN, INRA, CEA, GdR MACS, GdR Thermodynamique, GdR Biosystèmes, Structure Fédérative IODE, BRGM, SCILAB, ADEME

Industrial: Altran, Arkema, CTRA Lyon, Holis, Ineos, Innovene BP, Intentia, EDF, Europlasma, GDF SUEZ, N-GHY, INEOS ChlorVinyls, Oxalya-OVH, Pierre Fabre, Prosim, Renault, Rousselot, Saint Gobain, Sécalliance, Siemens, SNPE Isochem, Solvay-Rhodia, TEREOS, Total, Vetoquinol, Veolia, Volkswagen SA, WH2

  • France: 
    CIRIMAT, LCA, LAAS, LAPLACE, AGIR, IMT (Toulouse), LFC (Pau), LRGP (Nancy), EA-CMF, LIFL (Lille), AgroParisTech, LIX (Paris), CEN (Saclay), CGI (Albi), LGP (Tarbes), Univ. Avignon, CIRAD (Montpellier), PROMES (Perpignan)
  • International:

    Montreal (CAN), Budapest (HU), Havana (CUB), Sao Paulo (BRE), Tianjin, Hangzhou (CHI), Taiwan (TAI) Maribor (SLO), Bucharest (ROU), Orizaba (MEX), Lausanne ( Switzerland), Manchester (UK), Barcelona (ESP)

Team members

Permanent staff:

  • Catherine Azzaro-Pantel | Jean-Pierre Belaud | Marianne Boix | Laurent Cassayre | Alessandro Di Pretoro | Serge Domenech | Philippe Duquenne | Pascal Floquet | Vincent Gerbaud | Gilles Hétreux | Xavier Joulia | Jean-Marc Le Lann | Xuan Meyer | Ludovic Montastruc | Stéphane Negny | Rachid Ouaret | Hervé Pingaud | Nataliya Shcherbakova | Raphaële Théry Hétreux

Non permanent staff:

  • Ségolène Bellante | Yohann Chasseray | Philippe Chazara | Natalia Dorighello carareto | Zhian Duan | Maria Gonzalez Martinez | Magno Gonzalez Rodriguez | Stéphane Gourmelon | Anne-Sophie Herbert | Alexandre Leclerq | Martial Madounier | Marco Miranda | Antonio Ochoa-Robles | Jesus Ochoa-Robles | Lucille Payet | Cristian Felipe Puentes | Manuel-Andres Ramos | Anastasia Roth | Marwa Said | Christophe Salingue | Phuong-Ang Vo Dong