Electrochemical Processes - PE

This research department develops electrochemical methods and tools for the design and the control of processes. The aim is to analyze the interaction between phenomena occurring at the electrochemical interface in real media and chemical reactions using multi-scale experimental and numerical approaches.

PE in short…


Electrochemical sensors, Electrosynthesis, Molten salts, Corrosion, Microreactors, Depollution, Energy

Head of Department:
Laurent MASSOT


Overall objectives

Tools and methods for:

Design :

  • electrochemical (micro)reactors
  • processes for wastewater treatment
  • processes for separation and extraction
  • processes for electrosynthesis and electrocatalysis


  • new materials
  • functionalized interfaces
  • microelectrodes


  • sensors and biosensors
  • electrochemical methods for analysis

Experimental and numerical approach for:

  • Comparison of fundamental laws and ideas of physical chemistry in real media – Studies of phenomena occurring at the electrical interfaces and pathways of coupled chemical reactions. 
  •  Dimensioning of tools and processes

3 research topics

Electrochemical processes and Molten salts

Electre: Electrochemical Engineering for synthesis, pollution abatement, energy and catalysis

Electrochemical sensors and Processes

Team Members

Permanent staff :

  • Carole Barus | Pierre Chamelot | Fabien Chauvet | Christelle Chiron | Brigitte Dustou |  David Evrard | Mathieu Gibilaro |  Pierre Gros | Laure Latapie | Laurent Massot | Olivier Reynes | André Savall |Karine Groenen-Serrano | Théodore Tzedakis