Interface and Particle Interaction Engineering - GIMD

The GIMD Research Group works on transfers and interactions that take place at the interface between phases.

These exchanges and interactions play a major role in the development of a wide variety of objects (particles, crystals, drops, membranes, emulsions) by technological processes (precipitation, emulsification, grinding, drying, mixing) but also in their implementation in applications (separation / purification, texturing, vectorization, encapsulation). These objects and interfaces that exist in natural environments or fluids such as blood, kidney, mud or milk are of great importance in a wide variety of industrial developments ranging from the production of drugs to water treatment through off-shore submarine transport or protective coatings.

GIMD in short…

people of which 23 faculty or researchers


Colloids, membranes, crystals, emulsions, rheology, precipitation, coalescence, crystallization, grinding, separation, pharmacy, health, chemistry, water, food industry


Group leader:

Sébastien Teychené

General objectives of the GIMD group

In all these fields, there is a critical need to link the transfers and interactions at the interfaces to the actual properties of the medium or to the efficiency of the process. The nature of the exchanges and interactions at these interfaces is also extremely diverse: transfer of species across the interface, adsorption, coalescence, aggregation and their complexity is all the greater as they generally concern a whole collection of objects with sometimes different properties.

The studies carried out, whether experimental or digital, involve several levels from the nano or microscopic scale to that of a laboratory unit representative of an industrial device.

To understand and describe the nature of these exchanges in order to make the link with an industrial device, it is necessary to call upon chemistry, physics and mechanics and to develop specific mathematical tools or models.

3 research topics

Soft material engineering

Dynamics of dispersed media


Industrial and academic references

Recent industrial collaborations

IFP, Arkema, Atotech, St Gobain Recherche, Lab. Pierre Fabre, AlfaLaval, Veolia Anjou Recherche, Lab. Biotechnologies Marines, Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétiques, Total France, Total Petrochemicals, Rhodia, L’Oréal, Malvern Instruments Ltd, DGA, CEA, INRS, Arcelor/Mittal, Marion Technologies, Soc. Extract, Ineris, BRGM, Aquasource, Polymem, …

Recent academic collaborations

  • Regional level : FR FERMAT, IMFT, TBI, CIRIMAT, LAPLACE, CEMES, LAAS, LCC, RAPSODEE, Faculty of Pharmacy , …

  • National level : LRGP Nancy, IUSTI Marseille, TREFLE Bordeaux, CEREGE Montpellier, IEM Montpellier, UTINAM Besançon, ENIT Tarbes, PROMES Odeillo, CRMCN Marseille, LPS Orsay, LPMMH Paris, LET Poitiers, …

  • International level : Michigan State Univ., Univ. de Kiev, Univ. de Moscou, Duke University, Rice University, Univ. de Barcelone, Univ. de NGaounderé, ENI Tunis, ENI Sfax, Univ. de Sfax, USTHB d’Alger, Univ. de Blida, Univ. de Braunschweig, Univ. of Sydney, Brown University, Chem. eng ; MIT, Univ. de Padoue, University of Twente, …

Team Members

Permanent staff:

Non permanent staff:

  • Pritam Das | Nouha El Amri | Pedro Jesus Navarrete Segado  | Kémie Ley-Ngardigal | Christian Manfoumbi | Antoine Piedfert | Guiquand Wang | Pedro Oliveira