Bioprocesses and Microbial Systems - BioSyM

The BioSyM department makes use of microbial systems (consortia or pure cultures of bacteria, yeasts, fungi, plant and/or animal cells) in the processes of food processing, environment, health, biorefineries and energy production.

BioSyM in short…


Bioprocess, Microbial systems, Microbial interactions, Biofilm, Wastewater treatment, primary and/or secondary metabolites, bioreactor, biocorrosion, Hydrogen, Quorum sensing, Micropollutant 

Head of Department
Marion Alliet

Deputy head of department

Our scientific approach

Research activities within the Biosym department focus on the integration of microscopic (understanding of cellular behaviour) and macroscopic approaches (knowledge of the impact of the conditions for the implementation of microorganisms within a bioprocess or eco-system).The implementation of microorganisms requires not only an understanding of their metabolism, but also of the interactions involved (cell-cell or cell-environment). To carry out its projects, Biosym brings together expertise in various and complementary fields: microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, synthetic chemistry, physico-chemistry and analytical chemistry, electrochemical engineering, modelling, transfer phenomena, thermodynamics, bioprocess design.

The Department is organized in 3 themes, in which its members contribute in a non-exclusive way:

  • Biofilm Engineering
  • Biomolecules et Bioreactors
  • Biologic depollution and valorisation of effluents

Team Members

Permanent staff  :