Research departments

Interface and Particle Interaction Engineering - GIMD

This research department focuses on the generation and behaviour of interfaces in various processes, multi-scale and multi-physics modelling in dispersed media (colloids, particles, crystals, emulsions) and membrane processes. The main applications are in chemical, healthcare, agronomy, food and environment sectors.

Electrochemical Processes - PE

This research department develops electrochemical methods and tools for the design and the control of processes. The aim is to analyze the interaction between phenomena occurring at the electrochemical interface in real media and chemical reactions using multi-scale experimental and numerical approaches.

Bioprocesses and Microbial Systems - BioSyM

This research department focuses on understanding and driving microbial activity in processes in the agronomy and food industries, energy production, as well as environmental and healthcare sectors. Researchers from BioSyM unite expertise in process engineering, industrial microbiology, physiology of microorganisms, bio-electrochemistry and toxicology.

Innovative Multiphase Reactor Engineering - IRPI

Research in this department aims at developing new multiphase reactors with or without chemical reactions. Skills in catalytic reactor engineering, advanced oxidation, fluidization, CVD and activation are used for applications in environmental decontamination, energy and the development of new materials.

Process and System Engineering - PSI

This department develops a systemic approach towards innovative engineering and optimal operation of sustainable processes, from the molecule to the enterprise scale. It uses numerical tools and generic modelling approaches, considering energy efficiency, sustainable process design and the environment of the industrial system.

Science and Technology of Intensified Processes - STPI

The activities of the department Science and Technology for Process Intensification (STPI) are centered on the design, scale up, operation and safety of intensified processes involving multifunctional equipment, green solvents, energy efficiency, biosourced carbon. Research focuses on industrial scale processes, associating equipment design and technology, as well as final product specifications.