Ingénierie des Réacteurs Polyphasiques Innovants - IRPI (Innovative Multiphase Reactor Engineering)

IRPI develops innovative or breakthrough solutions to multiphase reactor engineering problems. The research department combines a wide range of skills: reaction engineering and catalytic reactors, fluidization, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), solids processing, advanced oxidation and sonochemistry. The fields of application of its research include chemistry, energy, new materials, environment and depollution, as well as new technologies.

IRPI in brief…



Catalytic Reactors ; Chemical Reaction Engineering ; Fluidization ; Chemical Vapor Deposition ; Advanced Oxidation Processes ; Sonochemistry ; Treatment and Valorization of Effluents, Industrial Waste and Biomass ; Energy Production, Conversion and Storage ; Synthesis and Regeneration of Materials; Clathrates

Head of Department:
Carine Julcour

Deputy Head:
Florent Bourgeois

Overall objectives of
the IRPI department

In order to develop innovative and high-performance technological solutions that meet specific functions, the IRPI department bases its research on the study and understanding of local phenomena (hydrodynamics, interfacial transfer, chemical reaction and various physical and physico-chemical processes such as adsorption, grinding …) inside multiphase contactors.

The multi-scale approaches developed by the IRPI teams are invariably based on the complementarity between experimentation (local metrology, pilot scale contactors) and modeling (phenomenological models, computational fluid dynamics). The unifying scale of IRPI is the unit operation. Models at the “micro” and “meso” scales are used to derive “average” properties, closure laws and transfer models in order to optimize the performance of the technological solutions developed.

The department publishes its work in scientific journals on the following topics: Chemical Engineering (~ 30%), Materials Science & Powder Technology (~ 30%), Environmental Sciences & Engineering (~ 20%), Catalysis & Chemistry (> 10%) and Energy (~ 10%).

3 research topics


Industrial and
academic references


  • In France: LCC, LCA, CIRIMAT, IMFT, TBI (ex.LISBP), IMRCP, LAAS, CEMES, LMDC (Toulouse), RAPSODEE (Albi), LFCR (Pau), IPREM (Pau), PROMES (Font-Romeu Odeillo), ICG, IEM (Montpellier), UCCS (Lille), C2P2, ICBMS (Lyon), LRGP (Nancy), IPGP (Paris), CEMHTI (Orléans), COVACHIM-M2E (Antilles Guyane)
  • International: BUCT Pékin (China), Sydney Univ. (Australia), Univ. Laval et Polytech. Montréal (Canada), Iowa State Univ. (USA), Univ. Concepción (Chile), INSTEC La Havane (Cuba), NIIC Novossibirsk (Russia), INP-HB Yamoussoukro (Ivory Coast), Univ. Greenwich et Univ. Surrey (UK), IMDEA Energía (Spain), TU Hamburg (Germany), NTU Athens (Greece), KU Leuven (Belgium)

National Research Institutes: IFPEN, CEA, BRGM, ITERG, CNRT

Industrials: Solvay, Elkem-Silicones, INEOS, SGD Pharma, Tessenderlo, DSM, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Total, EDF, ENGIE, AREVA, Varta, Torresol Energy Investments,  Airbus, EADS, Safran, Fiat, Saint-Gobain, Lafarge, Rio-Tinto, REEL Alesa, Comessa, Eurecat, EPPT, Veolia, Absoger, Bluewhale

Networks: SFGP (French Society of Chemical Engineering), Int. Ozone Assoc., Prometia European Association, GDR (French Research Network) Promethee and Thermobio, FERMaT Research Federation

A strong involvement
in student training

Several members of IRPI coordinate undergraduate and graduate engineering programs at Toulouse University (Toulouse INP, Université Paul Sabatier), including continuing education programs.




Researchers from IRPI (Innovative Multiphase Reactor Engineering)

Permanent staff:

 Non-permanent staff:

  •  Murilo Arrais | Sana Aslam | Youssef Badran | Thibaud de Barnier (co-encadrement STPI/IRPI) | Sofiane Bekhti | Emilien Bourdon | Benjamin Breig | Vivien Daligaux | Amar Dandach Pauline Delran | Adrien DUFOURNY | Thomas Esteves Pereira |Elsi Haddad | Igor Kester Garcia Vargas | Almir Guilherme Ritta | Gaëlle Lacroix | Elise Des Ligneris | Carlos Montilla Estrella | Amr Nada | Thomas NERON | Simon Ponton | Cristian Quintero | Florian Sabatier | Michele Scotto Di Perta | Thibaut Triquet


  • Henri Delmas | Aimé Bascoul