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Team ELECTRE:  ‘Electrochemical Engineering’



Team ‘ELECTRE’:  ‘Electrochemical Engineering’ – Conception-designing and optimization tools and processes for Energy and electrosynthesis».

Key words: Electrochemical Engineering, Redox Flow Batteries, Organic and inorganic Electrosyntheses, Electrochemistry, reactors designing, processes optimization.

Main expertise consists to conceive, to design, to develop and finally to optimize and model tools and processes in the field of electrochemical engineering, at both the micro and macro scale, applied on energy and electrosynthesis of organic compounds. In the carried studies, both physical and chemical analyses of all the phenomena occurring (kinetics, mass and electron transfers, fluid mechanics,…) were performed and followed by experimental and theoretical optimization. Electrochemical reactors and microreactors have been developed for chiral syntheses, or semi solid flow cells


Application & Teaching

Teaching courses of Thermodynamic, kinetics, electrochemistry, chemical and electrochemical engineering for students from the Ist to the 5th years.

Creator and Responsible (2000 at 2014) of the professional Master in Physicochemical processes (Electrochemical and Separation Engineering) at the Paul Sabatier University.
President of the ‘Commission de spécialistes de la 62ème section énergétique et génie des procédés’, 2005-2008

Research supervision:

  • Participation at 37 PhD + 4 HDR jury’s, as reviewer, examiner, or president.
  • Supervisor of 19 PhD (to date: 4 PhD under (co) supervision); 6 post-doc, 22 Masters (R), more than 50 undergraduate students.

Collaborators: (past and present) with, Airbus, Snecma, Total, CEA, Areva,… and also several academic labs

Head of research team: ELECTRE-Electrochemical Engineering, Conception-designing and optimization of molecules, tools and processes at micro and macro scale, for synthesis-pollution abatement and Energy» 2008″

Coordinator of the scientific committee of the Sciences and Engineering Faculty, Paul Sabatier Univ.: 2014-2015.

Coordinator of the research’s department ‘Electrochemical Engineering’ / LGC (2005 à 2009).

Member (and vice president) of the scientific committee; Physic-Chemistry-Automatic, Paul Sabatier University: 2007-2011

Creator/Coordinator of the biannual regional meeting ‘Journée Toulousaine d’Electrochimie’ UPS, 2006-2014 (

Coordinator of the Organizing Committee 7th European Symposium on Electrochemical Engineering « Multiple faces of Electrochemical Engineering », October, 2005 Toulouse.

Co-organizer of the symposium 8 ‘Electrochemical Process Engineering and Technology’, 5th division of the international Society of the Electrochemistry (ISE 2010) Nice.

Member of the scientific board of ‘European Symposium on Electrochemical Engineering’: 9thEEE, 2011, Chania, Greece – 10thEEE, 2014, Sardinia, Italy

Coordinator of the Organizing Committee of the 8th European Summer school on Electrochemical Engineering August, 2018 Toulouse (

Member of the organizing committee of the Journées d’Electrochimie 2019, Toulouse

Reviewer for 16 scientific Journals (between 15 to 20 manuscripts were reviewed/year).Expert’s report for ANRT, ANR, Région ‘Bretagne, Essonne, Midi Pyrénées’.

Education and Degrees

HDR  ‘Habilitation à diriger des recherches’

L’Electrochimie pour la mise au point, la compréhension et la validation de procédés propres

PhD of U.P.S.  (1989) 

Specialty: chemical engineering. « Etude de procédés d’électro-oxydation Indirecte de composés aromatiques par l’emploi d’ions métalliques »