Assistant Professor

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Theme: Fermentation and microbial metabolites



Biocontrol of mycotoxin contamination by natural compounds or biocontrol agents:

Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by filamentous fungi and have deleterious effects in humans, animals and plants. Until very recently, phyto-pharmaceutical products were favored to limit mycotoxin contamination. Nonetheless, the toxicity of these products and their effects on food quality have led researchers to develop alternative strategies based on biocontrol agents and natural compounds. Within this context, we try to identify microbial strains (bacteria and/or fungi) and natural compounds which are able to reduce mycotoxin concentration. We try to decipher their mechanism of action by conducting transcriptomic and metabolomic studies. We also paid attention to the toxicity of the accumulated intermediates, side-products or the newly formed molecules in response to application of biocontrol agents and/or natural compounds by conducting toxicological studies.


Application & Teaching

Research interest:  Secondary metabolites production and mycotoxins

Applications: Food safety

Research supervision :

  • 1 PhD students


Education and Degrees

Assistant professor at LGC-BioSyM

National Institute of Agronomic Research INRA-TOXALIM (31)

Research Engineer (1 year)

Subject: Study of mycotoxins’ toxicity on intestinal physiology and hepatic function.

The National Institute of Agronomy – Toulouse (ENSAT)

Temporary Assistant Professor (1 year half time)

Subject: Characterization of the Naphto-γ-pyrones (NGPs) biosynthesis in A. tubingensis.

Thesis at INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research), Food toxicology unit (TOXALIM)

Subject: Elucidation of a mycotoxin’s biosynthetic pathway, patulin: gene cluster characterization and study of its regulation