Régine Basséguy

Senior Researcher (Directeur de Recherche CNRS)

+335 34 32 36 17

Biofilm Engineering



Interactions between conductive materials and biological systems (enzymes, microorganisms, biofilms)

Electrochemical and Material approaches.

Fields of application:

  • biocorrosion / bioprotection

Coordinator of the Marie Curie network BIOCOR (2009/13) for a better understanding of biocorrosion problems in industry (Oil&gas, cooling systems, nuclear plants …)

Coordinator of the ANR French project MICOATEC (2020-2023) for the development of innovative Nature-inspired process for corrosion protection.

  • Hydrogen production by electrolysis under mild pH conditions / Coupling with bioanodes

Technology transfer – patents and licences

Partner of the regional project Readynov 2018 ECO-H2 (2019-2020)

  • Complementary methodologies and skills

Analysis, design & development of electrochemical processes

Development of a local analysis method (SVET) for the study of bioelectrochemical interfaces.


Application & Teaching

Research interest : (Bio)electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering, corrosion, interfaces biological systems/conductive materials, electro-enzymatic and electro-microbial catalysis

Applications : biocorrosion, bioprotection, hydrogen production

Research supervision

– 12 PhD students: K.Délécouls (1999), S. Da Silva (2002), A. Pardo (2004), De Silva Muñoz (2007), C. Dumas (2007), M. Mehanna (2009), C. Cote Coy (2013), M. Stipaničev (2013), I. Rouvre (2016), A. El Abed (2019), E. Roubaud (2019), J. Jaume (ongoing)

– 7 post-docs : C. Jacques (2004), A.C. Boucher (2006), H. Iken (2007), L.Pons (2008), O. Rosas (2010-2012), R. Lacroix (2010-2012), G. Ghiara (2017)

Teaching activities :

Lecture course on Biofuel Cells for engineer students in INPT

Lecture course on Biocorrosion for CNAM Paris

Microbial Corrosion Course ‘Electrochemical techniques to detect MIC’ at EUROCORR annual congress


Academic partners : CEA Saclay, CIRIMAT Toulouse, IRCP PCS Paris, TBI (ex-LISBP) Toulouse, LAPLACE Toulouse, LNEG LMR Lisbon-Portugal, University of Gent-Belgium, CNR-IAS (ex ISMAR) Genoa-Italy, Politecnico di Torino Italy, University of Genoa Italy, CRM Bergen-Norway

Industrial partners: 6TMIC Toulouse, SAGIM Saint-Etienne, MECAPROTEC Toulouse, RSE SpA Italy

Education and Degrees

Engineer ENSEEG and Electrochemistry DEA (Grenoble)


Doctorat en Sciences des Matériaux et des Surfaces (Université Claude Bernard, Lyon I)


Chargé de Recherche CNRS


Habilitation à diriger des recherches (INP Toulouse)


Directeur de Recherche CNRS