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Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)



Oxidative Chemical Vapor Deposition (oCVD):

CVD is a highly effective process to deposit thick layers of products on different substrates. oCVD is a modern  process to produce layers of conductive polymers on almost any substrate including Silicon wafers, glass, paper and tissue.

Natural Convection in enclosed channels:

Natural convection phenomenon in enclosures filled with fluids has wide applications in engineering topics such as solar energy collectors, cooling processes of electronic devices and lubrication grooves.

Temperature fluctuation in turbulent flow:

Turbulent flows have challenging behavior in mixing tees as temperature varies with time. Having a fully-mixed stream is always a goal in industries with temperature fluctuations.

Improving heat transfer rate with Nanofluids:

Nanoparticles have shown high efficiency in improving heat transfer rate in heat exchangers and enclosures. It has been observed that even 1%w of a nanoparticle in water can improve heat transfer for 10%.

Mpemba effect:

For a long time the fact that hot water freezes faster than cold water has been the center of attention among scientists. Many believe that this comes from the nature of water while others believe that it is because of the higher evaporation rate, supercooling or other phenomena. Still there is no certain answer to this problem.


Education and Degrees

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Chemical Engineering (Petrochemical Engineering), Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran
Master of science (MSc) in Chemical Engineering (Process Design), Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran