Micheline ABBAS

Associate professor

+335 34 32 36 44
GIMD – Interface and Particle Interaction Engineering
Hydrodynamics and transport theme



Multiphase flows:

Understand the effect of particle concentration, size, shape, and inertia on the transport properties of non-colloidal suspensions. The transport properties like agitation, diffusion, effective viscosity are not always homogeneous in a suspension, as migration and collective effects may occur. The particles can be solid or non-deformable bubbles or drops. The situations mostly considered are:

  • wall-bounded flows (sheared or wall-normal): effect of particles on the rheology and on the laminar-turbulent transition.
  •  processes governed by an external field: sedimentation/fluidization.

Phenomena at interfaces:

The macroscopic behavior of dispersions is connected to phenomena taking place at the scale of the single inclusions. The phenomena I’m investigating:

  • hydrodynamic forces when the flow inertia is finite at the particle scale
  • many-body hydrodynamic interactions
  • wet collisions
  • lubrication
  • aggregation and de-aggregation by an external (magnetic) field

Numerical modeling:

  • Resolving the hydrodynamic interactions at the particle scale in dispersed media (Numerical simulations with the Force Coupling Method)
  • Continuum approaches: suspension balance model, two-fluid models

Application & Teaching


Transport of mixtures, cell separation/sorting, fluidization. 

Research supervision

  • 3 PhD students: Vincent Loisel (2013), Guiquan Wang (2017), Qing Li (ongoing)
  • 3 post-docs (Anupam Gupta, Maike Baltussen, Hamid Tavassoli)
  • 3 master students

Teaching activities

Chemical Engineering students (BS and Master level): Transport phenomena. Physics and modelling of granular media. Physical analysis of industrial processes. Reaction engineering. CFD.


Olivier Masbernat and Hugues Vergnes (LGC, Toulouse), Eric Climent (IMFT, Toulouse), Christine Lafforgue and Pascale Magaud (INSA, Toulouse), Pavel Kuzhir and Georges Bossis (LPMC, Nice),  Jeff Morris (CCNY, USA), Martin Maxey (Brown University, USA),  Martin Van der Hoef (Twente University, the Netherlands), 

Education and Degrees

Micheline ABBAS, assistant-professor since 2009 at the Chemical Engineering department, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse / Laboratoire de Génie Chimique, Toulouse, France.

Post-doc fellow in the group Fundamentals Aspects of Chemical Reactor Engineering at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Supervisors: Hans Kuipers and Martin Van der Hoef.

PhD (2008) in Fluid Mechanics applied to Process and Environmental Engineering at the University of Toulouse (LGC), France. Supervisors: Eric Climent and Olivier Simonin.

Masters (2004) in Fluid Mechanics

Mechanical Engineering (2003) at the Lebanese University, Roumieh, Lebanon.