Michel Delmas

Professor Emeritus


Sold-liquid phase transfer, Biomass refinery, materials/plastics recycling



My career has 3 major highlights:

– The discovery of new synthetic method in organic chemistry based on solid- liquid interface reaction with very low amount of water acting as catalyst. The technology is used today in pharmaceutical industry for the synthesis of active molecules.

– The development of new chromium tanning process including all the operations from the raw hides to the finished leather which reduce the general pollution by more than 90% which is now globally use in industry. Regarding vegetal tanning, I simplify the process, without modification of finished leather properties, by adding directly in the drum, vegetal tanning powder directed on wet raw hides which allows a zero pollution from the hide to the leather.

– Since the end of the nineties, I have developed new processes of vegetal refining which allows the separation, without any degradation, of: cellulose, sugars from hemicelluloses, lignins and silica from lignocellulosic wastes showing by the way that lignin, in opposition with the general thinking at that time, is a simple linear oligomer with a high added value

I create to do that 2 companies which have now a long relationship with the LGC:

  • CIMV which is on the way of the industrial development www.cimv.fr
  • BioEB, more recently which works with a LGC team on the direct synthesis of Ethylene Glycol from Glucose www.bioeb.fr

I have worked also on asbestos wastes detoxification/ reuse of components and recycling of PVBOH wastes.


Application & Teaching

Research interest: Organic Synthesis, vegetal refining, bioenergy production, scaling up and chemical engineering


Chemical Engineering Consultant since 1992; Siret 388 341 190 00014, Ape:741G

Biomass- Chemistry  www.biomass-chemistry.com

Teaching activities:

Conferences on Biomass Chemistry: Master 2 and PhD Programs

Université de Toulouse : INP Ensiacet & Université Paul Sabatier, Université de Rennes, Université Paris Sorbonne, Université Memorial St John’s NF, Canada.


Dr. Yolande Peres Lucchese, Prof. Martine Urritigoity, Prof. P. Cognet, Dr. Ghislain Denis, Dr. JL Trompette, Mrs Hélène Labauze

Education and Degrees

Doctorate in Sciences 

Post- doc University of Montréal – Canada 

Ph D Organic chemistry

Bachelor in Chemistry

Certificate of secondary studies

Certificate of primary studies


PhD directed: 80

International patents: 72

Communications and Conferences in international Congress: 255

Scientific papers in top ranking international journals: 217

All of these documents are duly referenced in my personal website: www.biomass-chemistry.com