Joelle Aubin

Research Scientist, CNRS

Science & Technology for Process Intensification
Mixing, hydrodynamics and transport phenomena for reactor engineering



My research focuses on understanding fluid mechanics, mixing and multiphase flow in industrial equipment (tanks and reactors) using both experimental and computational tools. I am particularly interested in finding practical solutions to industrial mixing problems by driving sensible use of CFD and validating through the development of novel characterization techniques. I also have a strong interest in the emerging area of sustainable engineering (process intensification and novel systems).

Current projects:

  • Mixing and reaction in continuous oscillatory baffled reactors
  • Gas-liquid and high-pressure two-phase flows in microchannels
  • Hydrodynamics and mass transfer in continuous gas-liquid-liquid flows
  • Jet mixing in large tanks
  • Mixing of fluids with large viscosity differences
  • Simulation of transitional flow in industrial reactors

Application & Teaching

Research interests: Hydrodynamics and transport processes in industrial equipment – Equipment and process design – Process intensification and enhanced process performance

Applications: Continuous production of PVC, biodiesel, bio-sourced products, personal care products

Research supervision

– Supervision or co-supervision of 22 PhD students (9 completed, 9 current, 4 starting 2020)

– Supervision or co-supervision of 2 post-docs

Teaching activities: Chemical Engineering for regular and apprenticeship students at ENSIACET (mixing processes, chemical engineering lab) 

Academic collaborations: The University of Sydney (AUS), The University of Manchester, (UK) University of Birmingham (UK), University of Alberta (CAN), Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals Prague (CZ), TNO (NED), Technical University of Freiberg (D), Aix-Marseille Université (F), Mines d’Albi (F)

Industrial collaborations: UNILEVER (UK), SYNGENTA (UK), BRASKEM (BRA), COVESTRO (F), PMS (F), CEA (F), Biotrade (F), Milton Roy (F), LUMPP (F), Corning SAS (F)

Education and Degrees

Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, Toulouse INP, France

PhD in Chemical Engineering, The University of Sydney, Australia

(double degree, joint supervision program with Toulouse INP)

PhD in Process and Environmental Engineering, Toulouse INP, France.

Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering (Honours Class I), The University of Sydney, Australia