Assistant Professor

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Fermentations and microbial metabolites



My implications in the various research projects, as a promoter or partner, revolve around analytical development, the search for new natural molecules or by hemisynthesis having interesting properties (therapeutic, agronomic, agrifood …) in collaboration with academic partners, as well as industrial collaborations. I have a panel of chromatographic devices coupled to different types of detectors (Fluorescence, DAD, mass spectrometer, ELSD) and bioguided fractionation methods followed by a characterization by spectrometric and spectroscopic methods.

As a perspective, I will continue in this orientation by insisting on the search for molecules of interest in connection with needs in the pharmaceutical, agrifood, agronomic fields…, by insisting on the natural component and using the simplest processes, the most economical and the most protective for the environment.


Application & Teaching



Pharmaceutical, agrifood, agronomic fields…

Research supervision 

– 27 PhD students

– 5 post-docs

Teaching activities

Chemistry analytical (theory and practical of the various analytical techniques), and bioactive molecules (natural product, synthesis molecules), biological testing, screening (bioguided fractionation); structural identification.

International collaborations

Tunisia, Madagascar, Benin, Egypt, Lebanon, Mexico

Education and Degrees

HDR (Habilitation à diriger des recherches), Analytical chemistry and bioactives molecules. Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse France)

PhD Analytical chemistry, Claude Bernard University (Lyon, France).

Master in Analytical chemistry, Claude Bernard University (Lyon, France).