Hélène Roux-de Balmann

Directrice de recherches CNRS (CNRS Senior scientist)

GIMD – Génie des Interfaces et des Milieux Divisés



Nanofiltration and electrodialysis

– investigation of physicochemical mechanisms governing the separation process performances (purity, yield, separation factor,…) combining experimental and theoretical multiscale approaches from the molecular level (quantum mechanics, combination of QM with Molecular Mechanics) up to the process level (integration of NF or ED in the downstream process, combination with fermentation,…)

– influence of the membrane/solute interactions on the membrane structural properties (ion exchange and NF/RO membranes)

– influence of the solutes properties and their dependence on the environmental conditions on their transfer through membranes

– development of phenomenological models to link the performances with the operating and physico-chemical parameters

Cation Exchange Membrane equilibrated with Na+– Optimized geometry of macromolecular model formed by two polymer fragments equilibrated by Na+

From A.Fuoco et al., J. of Membrane Science, 493(2015)311–320.

Two step recovery process coupling NF and RO for the recovery of succinic acid from fermentation broth- performances: yield 99.3 %, purity>99.5%

From Khunnonkwao et al., Separation and Purification Technology, (2018), 207, pp.451-460


Application & Teaching

Research applications: waste water treatment, desalination, demineralisation, removal of pollutants, biomass valorisation, bio based molecules (chemical building blocks),  

Research supervision

– 18 PhD students

– 2 post-docs 

Stays as a visiting researcher:

Teaching activities: head of a doctoral school (2007-2016)- teaching membrane processes for engineers (ENSAT, MSc students), tutorship

Collaborators: restricted to last 10 years

  • Academic: Institut Carnot 3BCar, GMPA AgroParistech, ISCR Rennes, LISBP Toulouse, LPTC Bordeaux, IEM Montpellier, UTINAM Besançon, LPCNO Toulouse, Industry: VEOLIA, EURODIA, RHODIA, Elkem Silicones, Michelin, Safran, Total
  • International: Ut Twente (NL), ITM (It), SUT (Thailande),

Education and Degrees

Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches – Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse 3- titre « Séparation de biomolécules : une approche physico-chimique de l’opération unitaire au couplage de procédés »

PhD chemical engineering – Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse 3- titre “ Utilisation de l’ultrafiltration dans le traitement de l’eau”- Thèse CIFRE Lyonnaise des Eaux

Chemical engineer LGC


Directrice de Recherche CNRS LGC

Chargée de Recherche CNRS LGC

Ingénieur de Recherche UPS/CNES

Doctorante CIFRE/Lyonnaise des Eaux