Fatima El Garah

Associate Professor (Maitre de Conférences)

+335 62 25 68 55

Biofilms engineering



R&D of new heterocyclic compounds interfering with the process of bacterial cell-cell communication called Quorum Sensing for:

  • fundamental studies to further our basic research on biofilms and biofilm engineering.
  • the control of biofilm formation in the search of new anti-infective therapies.

Application & Teaching

Research interest

Chemical synthesis, molecular modeling, virtual screening, structure-activity relationship studies, and biological evaluation of bioactive compounds


Applications in Health (co-PI of Vaincre la Mucoviscidose funded projects) and Environment (co-PI of CNRS/AFISE project)

Research supervision

– 3 PhD students: Jeanne Trognon (ongoing),Maya Rima (ongoing, in collaboration with University of Beirut, Lebanon), Sawssen Souiei (2018, in collaboration with University of Monastir, Tunisia), 

– 1 post-doc: Charlotte Gaviard (on goning)

Teaching activities

Organic chemistry, Chemical synthesis of pharmaceuticals.



  • Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination, Toulouse
  • Laboratory of Pathogen Host Interactions, Montpellier
  • Institut de Chimie & Biologie des Membranes & des Nano-objets, Bordeaux



Education and Degrees

Associate Professor (Maître de conférences) at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Toulouse

PhD in Chemistry at University of Toulouse and University of Liverpool, UK

Nov. 2011 : Prix  de la Recherche Universitaire

Dec. 2010 : Prix de l’Académie Nationale de Pharmacie

Dec. 2010 : Prix de la Société Chimique de France section Midi-Pyrénées

Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry Molecular Chemistry and bioactive molecules, University of Toulouse

Master’s degree in Chemistry École Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs en Arts Chimiques et Technologiques, INP Toulouse

Maîtrise in Organic Chemistry University of Paris-Sud Orsay