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(2017) ECS Transactions, 77 (11), pp. 921-932.

Thermodynamic properties determination in LiF-CaF2 electrochemistry in high temperature fused salts : Application to CeF 3

Gibilaro, M., Massot, L., Chamelot, P.


- Combining thermodynamic database and electrochemical measurements, CeF3 thermodynamics properties were determined between 1113K and 1233K in LiF-CaF2 solution. First, standard potentials of CeF3/Ce were calculated in different reference states : liquid and solid, and infinite dilution.
- Then activity coefficients of CeF3 were estimated in the different reference states and for different composition scales : molarity, molality and molar fraction. Finally, constants which interconnected the infinite dilution reference state and the solid and liquid reference states were evaluated. © The Electrochemical Society.