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(2017) IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, 506, pp. 641-648.

Establishment of collaborative networks – A model-driven engineering approach based on thermodynamics

Benaben, F., Gerbaud, V., Barthe-Delanoë, A.-M., Roth, A.


- The setup of an efficient collaborative situation between organizations can be considered according to four main complementary dimensions : the context (geographical, social, economical environment), the partners (the actors, their capabilities, their resources and their relationships), the objectives (the collaborative goals of the network, the risks to be avoided, etc.) and finally the behaviour (the collaborative processes to be implemented by the partners to achieve the objectives considering the context). Some research works try to infer the behaviour based on the three other issues assumed to be known, by using different approaches such as model-driven engineering (MDE), optimization, heuristics, planning, etc. MDE helps studying the opportunity of inferring the objectives part from the context and partners dimensions in order to feed the behaviour issue.
- We use a non-equilibrium thermodynamics analogy where partners and context attributes and methods are mapped to thermodynamic state variables of an organisation seen as an open system in the frame of dissipative structure thermodynamics. We apply it specifically to enterprises and discuss briefly the analogy of behaviour as an irreversible trajectory aiming to maintain the enterprise activity alive. © IFIP International Federation for Information Processing 2017.