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(2016) Proceedings of the International ISCRAM Conference, .

Adoption of big data in crisis management toward a better support in decision-making

Fertier, A., Montarnal, A., Barthe-Delanoë, A.-M., Truptil, S., Bénaben, F.


- Most agree that the innate complexity and uncertainty of a crisis compel the stakeholders to coordinate in a hurry, despite their heterogeneity or the volume of data to process. Supporting their coordination is now possible, thanks to a mediation system combined with big data management tools. The GéNéPi1 project explores this possibility and proposes to improve the generation of collaborative processes offered by the MISE2’s solution.
- The idea is to increase the number of usable data sources. To do that, in a fixed time-frame, the situation models have to be instantly generated upon sets of raw data. This new methodology holds the key to a new big data era : an age where global understanding reigns.