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(2017) Journal of Crystal Growth, . Article in Press.

Effect of carboxymethylcellulose on potassium bitartrate crystallization on model solution and white wine

Bajul, A., Gerbaud, V., Teychene, S., Devatine, A., Bajul, G.


- Instability in bottled wines refer to tartaric salts crystallization such as potassium bitartrate (KHT). It is not desirable as consumers see the settled salts as an evidence of a poor quality control. In some cases, it causes excessive gushing in sparkling wine.
We investigate the effect of two oenological carboxymethylcellulose
(CMC) for KHT inhibition in a model solution of white wine by studying the impact of some properties of CMC such as the degree of polymerization, the degree of substitution, and the apparent dissociation constant determined by potentiometric titration.
- Polyelectrolyte adsorption is used for determining the surface and total charge and for providing information about the availability of CMC charged groups for interacting with KHT crystal faces. The inhibitory efficiency of CMC on model solution is evaluated by measuring the induction time with the help of conductimetric methods. Crystals growth with and without CMC are studied by observation with MEB and by thermal analysis using DSC. The results confirm the effectiveness of CMC as an inhibitor of KHT crystallization in a model solution.
- The main hypothesis of the mechanism lies in the interaction of dissociated anionic carboxymethyl groups along the cellulose backbone with positively charged layers on KHT faces like the (0. 1. 0) face. Key factors such as pH, CMC chain length and total charge are discusses. ©
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