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(2017) Journal of Chemical Physics, 146 (11), art. no. 114902

Two-stage kinetics of field-induced aggregation of medium-sized magnetic nanoparticles

Ezzaier, H., Alves Marins, J., Razvin, I., Abbas, M., Ben Haj Amara, A., Zubarev, A., Kuzhir, P.


The present paper is focused on the theoretical and experimental study of the kinetics of field-induced aggregation of magnetic nanoparticles of a size range of 20-100 nm. Our results demonstrate that (a) in polydisperse suspensions, the largest particles could play a role of the centers of nucleation for smaller particles during the earliest heterogeneous nucleation stage ; (b) an intermediate stage of the aggregate growth (due to diffusion and migration of individual nanoparticles towards the aggregates) is weakly influenced by the magnetic field strength, at least at high supersaturation ; (c) the stage of direct coalescence of drop-like aggregates (occurring under magnetic attraction between them) plays a dominant role at the intermediate and late stages of the phase separation, with the time scale decreasing as a square of the aggregate magnetization. © 2017 Author(s).