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(2016) Chemical Engineering and Processing : Process Intensification, . Article in Press.

General design methodology for reactive liquid-liquid extraction : Application to dicarboxylic acid recovery in fermentation broth

Mizzi, B., Meyer, M., Prat, L., Augier, F., Leinekugel-Le-Cocq, D.


- A general design methodology for reactive liquid-liquid extraction is introduced in this paper. It is composed of three different steps : feasibility analysis, pre-design determination and simulation validation.
- This paper is focused on the first and the second step. This methodology leads to the design specifications of the units from the information concerning the physico-chemical behaviour of the studied system, exploiting the equilibrium and material balance equations.
- The results of this methodology are a good starting point for an optimization study or for an investment calculation process. This methodology has been applied to different case studies : two different strategies of extraction and several solvents to recover succinic acid in fermentation broth. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.